Apricot-Herb Stuffed Pork Loin with Wild Rice

Apricot Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Recipe

This Apricot Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Recipe is one I have made for many years. I first got the recipe from a Cooking for 2 magazine that is no longer published. It’s fancy enough for company and gets rave reviews when I make it. But easy enough to make when you just need to have a gourmet meal for two. (Maybe just to tell your significant other you appreciate them.) The ingredients sound like an odd bag but the flavors work well together. I used Swiss cheese this time around. The recipe doubles and triples well too.

Apricot Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

We like to service this with wild rice. This time I mixed fresh sliced mushrooms, spinach and onions in with the wild rice so we could get our veggies in too. A nice crusty homemade roll goes nicely with this too.

Cheers! Amy

Steak Fajita Fixings

Weekly Menu Plan

Here’s the weekly menu plan for Brad & Amy’s Kitchen this week. Some of these are carry overs from last week. We ended up eating quite a few freezer meals from the freezer due to short time.

I will attempt to do some freezer cooking next weekend to restock what we have used. As our days seem to get shorter and shorter we relied on the freezer quite a bit this week. All I can say, I am thankful we had a few meals on hand.

Here’s the plan for this week:

Grilled venison steaks (a gift from Brad’s family), grilled corn on the cob and sauteed squash, zucchini, onion, mushrooms

Chicken burgers & homemade potato wedges (carryover)

Beef tips with mushroom gravy and white asparagus (carryover)

Oven fried chicken, smashed potatoes and butter beans

Mexican (still deciding on what), Spanish rice

Roasted pork loin with vegetables

Open Night

What’s on your menu for this week?

Cheers! Amy

Cheese bread

Cheese Bread Recipe

This Cheese Bread Recipe is a hit at our house. Brad and I love cheese bread and trying various cheeses to alter the flavor from time to time. This particular bread is a favorite an makes nice artisan shapes loaves, rolls, buns, etc. I have altered the original recipe to suit our tastes and what I was looking for.

My additions are as follows:
pinch of garlic powder
pinch of dried cayenne pepper powder
honey in place of sugar
olive oil in place of vegetable oil

My loaves baked in about 20 minutes at 350.

 Cheese Bread Recipe

Cheers! Amy

Chicken Burgers and Homemade Fries

Menu Plan

It’s been a while since I have posted a menu plan. We’ve been cruising along without one for a few weeks. It has not been pretty.

Time to get back on the menu plan wagon and set things right again. Life has been one crazy ride for both of us lately and we’ve been holding on and wishing for the best.

This menu plan has a pleasant mix of new recipes and some old thrown in to add a bit of variety. I’m trying to keep it simple so we can stay on course.

Brad & Amy’s Menu Plan for 3/30/2014:
Spaghetti with Italian Chicken (all natural) Sausage (a meal from the freezer)

Chicken Burgers with Homemade Potato Wedges

Apricot Glazed Pork Chops, 4 cheese rice with cauliflower

Beef tips, mushroom gravy over quinoa with white asparagus

Crispy Baked Chicken (I’m going to use boneless thighs and breast tenders), smashed potatoes with butter beans

Homemade Pizza, salad


Homemade Pizza on the stone

Homemade Pizza on the stone

Open night

What’s on your menu this week?

Cheers! Amy

Chocolate Stout Brownies

Chocolate Stout Brownie Recipe

When you hear the words Chocolate Stout Brownie Recipe you conjure up images of dark chocolate decadence. Well…

This recipe did not disappoint. I admit it is a but fussy to make, but OHHH so worth the effort.

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have a significant other that makes beer and just happens to have a homemade Imperial Triple Chocolate Belgian Stout that is hanging out in the Beer Room (yes, we have a beer room in our home) you are set and good to go.

The first thought after the first bite was INTENSE CHOCOLATE! This is a brownie to be reckoned with. INTENSE, DECADENT, SHEER BLISS IN A CHOCOLATE SQUARE! A must make recipe if you like beer and dark chocolate!

Chocolate Stout Brownie Recipe

Cheers! Amy


Silky chicken

A Peek into Brad and Amy’s Kitchen…

Last weekend Brad and I needed some downtime and ventured to the Greensboro Nature Science Center and had the pleasure of meeting the Silky Chicken in the above picture. Absolutely hilarious! 

Those who know Brad and myself know that we’re both big foodies. We love trying new things, experimenting with various types of food and trying new beers.

Here’s a peek into Brad and Amy’s Kitchen:

This Lips of Faith Series Pluot Ale is a beer I have been wanting to try for a while now. It has pluots in it. A cross between a plum and an apricot. It’s chilling in the fridge as I type and I will give an update on how we like it a little later. 

These Black & White Cupcakes sound right down our alley. What’s not to love about cream cheese and dark chocolate. MMM!

Again with the chocolate recipes Chocolate Stout Brownies. For this recipe I will use one of Brad’s homemade Chocolate Stouts. Chocolate and beer! YUM!

Pimento Cheese is generally a southern thing. But hey, we’re southern here. Going to try this in an effort to replicate one of our favorite pimento cheese spreads. I have not been successful recreating the loved version. Here’s to giving it one more shot…

Emerald Isle Cheese Spread recipe sounds quite tasty. I love smoked salmon cheese spread and have not tried making it at home. A new adventure!

What’s going on in your kitchen?

Cheers! Amy

Farmhouse Bread

Menu Plan

Hello! Long time no see…

I will be honest. I have fallen by the wayside on making a weekly menu plan. Time has been scarce. This week I am jumping back in the saddle and doing a menu plan. We’ve fallen into the habit of getting take out a little too much lately. We all know that can get expensive and is not waist line friendly or healthy.

This is also our clean out the pantry and fridge week. As we prepare for our monthly shopping trip.

Here’s what’s on the menu plan this week:
Leftover 4 cheese baked mac & cheese with ground sirloin — I made a big casserole dish of mac & cheese last night and am going to add sirloin to it for dinner tonight (A homemade cheeseburger macaroni dish), l/o green beans

Grilled BBQ chicken, potato salad, veggies

Beer boiled shrimp, baked potato, salad

Burgers, homemade baked fries

Pork Chops, roasted squash, steamed kale

Steak tacos, Spanish rice

Steak Tacos with Spanish Rice

Steak Tacos with Spanish Rice

Open night

I will be working on my grocery list through out the week. There are a few new recipes I want to throw in the mix for the coming months.

What’s on your menu this week?

Cheers! Amy